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Theatre has an educational dimension that we seek to deepen. We believe that our offer will provide many audiences with an intensive theatre experience.

We have a team of theatre theoreticians and critics as well as students of theatre and other art studies.

How can we read through the lens of contemporary theatre language? Join us and explore our concepts!



Dramaturgical introductions and post-show talks


  • introductions and post-show talks are listed in our programme
  • admission is free and is not linked to the show ticket
  • dramaturgical introductions led by our lectors take place several times a month before selected shows
  • the first introduction of a new production is made by artistic director and show director Ivan Buraj or dramaturge Matěj Nydra or another member of the show’s creative team – the introductions are recorded and can be found here
  • moderated talks with members of the creative team take place after selected shows
  • introductions start 30 min. before the start of the show in the Studio
  • talks start 10 min. after the end of the show and usually take place in the theatre hall



Audience warm-ups


  • in collaboration with our lector Tereza Nechvátalová, we invented this new format of audience engagement in 2022
  • audience warm-ups are listed in our programme and are also Facebook events
  • just like the entire HaDivadlo our audience warm-ups are for audiences of all ages
  • admission is free, all you need to do is join us, you do not need to bring anything special
  • warm-ups are organised in the CET Studio in Zelný trh (see map) or in the HaDivadlo Studio based on specific space needs
  • warm-ups usually last 60 min. and start 90 min. before the show to leave our audiences enough time for transfer to the theatre or for refreshments
  • everyone can participate, you can be active as little or as much as you wish and feel comfortable with – active participation as well as less active participation in the warm-up is possible
  • each production has an accompanying programme – some activities are aimed at creativity, some at thinking, relaxation or perceptiveness
  • audience warm-ups provide a slightly different type of preparation for the show than our lector or dramaturgical introductions
  • thanks to audience warm-ups, you can also recall your experience of a show you had already seen



Senior Café


  • for selected shows, a seniors’ meeting takes place always 90 min. before the start time in our lower foyer near our refreshments counter
  • the meeting is a slightly moderated discussion, which starts with an introduction and enables participants to “warm up” for the show they are about to see
  • our entire HaDivadlo collective is grateful for any type of feedback from all generations, especially young people and the elderly, who can share their valuable perspectives and experience
  • the show ticket, including small refreshments, at a special price of CZK 100 – tickets can be purchased in person in our Box Office in Alfa pasáž or booked in advance at pokladna@hadivadlo.cz či +420 530 330 869 or +420 731 457 204
  • we consider seniors to be all persons over 65 years of age who consider themselves seniors



Magazine CEDIT


  • published since 2019 by our home Centre of Experimental Theatre
  • CEDIT is a text platform for contexts of creation of Goose on a String Theatre (Divadlo Husa na provázku), HaDivadlo and Terén
  • organic structure of every issue revolves around one central topic
  • available for free in our Box Office and at a number of distribution points
  • online versions: CEDIT 01, CEDIT 02, CEDIT 03, CEDIT 04, CEDIT 05, CEDIT 06, CEDIT 07, CEDIT 08



There is more…


  • audiences who decide to come to our theatre more frequently have many options how to get tickets at a better price – thanks to our discounts or season tickets
  • productions programmes are provided for free for our plays and can also be downloaded on specific show pages on this website
  • our programme includes educational and contextualising lectures, talks and masterclasses
  • up-to-date topics stemming from forthcoming productions or other special events are explored in A2 Discussions – editor of the cultural fortnightly A2 Matěj Metelec is the curator of A2 Discussions
  • and in addition – our theatre foyer with a bar is the perfect space for your own discussions


Thank you for your support and cooperation