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Season 47: Degrowth

Audience Warm-up: Moby Dick

(Czech) Termíny v přípravě.

Do you go to pre-show lectures and dramaturgical introductions? And what about an audience warm-up which will prepare you for the show you are about to see in a different way? If you had already seen the play, you may use this opportunity to relive your experience.

Who said Moby Dick is a classic that cannot surprise us anymore? How can we understand the piece with today's eyes? Moby Dick as a phenomenon and a metaphor. Media information overload with apocalyptic pictures of hurricanes and incessant wildfires. And the climate crisis does not exist?

Theatre can however bring another dimension to these issues. Get an idea of what it is like to be part of the creative team preparing a staged reading of Moby Dick and how interesting as well as challenging the process is.

A coffin on the horizon!

Our lecturer Terka is looking forward to seeing you at the warm-up!

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Ticket prices
free admission
60 min. without an interval


Od 18.00 na Studiu Centra experimentálního divadla na Zelném trhu.

Vstup je volný, z kapacitních důvodů prosíme o potvrzení zájmu účasti pomocí přihlášení se na facebookovou událost tady (28. dubna) nebo tady (17. května). Pokud nejste na Facebooku, nevadí, prostě přijďte.

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