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Season 49: The End of Illusions

The Wall

“Today, on 5 November, I am starting to write my report. I will describe everything as accurately as possible.”

One morning. The protagonist, a city woman with grown-up children, stays with her sister’s family for the weekend when she finds that a transparent wall has appeared in the middle of the secluded woodlands. An embankment, a barrier dividing the world of the hunting lodge from the rest of the world, where something happened, impossible to determine what it was. With her sister and her husband not returning back from the village that night, the woman is left alone in the mountain lodge with a few supplies for an indeterminate period of time.
Summer, autumn, winter snow (Christmas), spring. Harvest, drought, storm, beans, potatoes, milking, climate uncertainty… How to adapt to nature’s rhythm? How to get food? How can a person with no farming experience grow crops? Who does she talk to? As there are no people around, the heroine gets attached to Lynx (a dog), Belle (a cow), Pearl, Tyger (and other cat companions). Animals vanish and reappear. Removal of the elements of life. Love for things beyond humanity. Environmental responsibility. Simplicity. A Robinsonesque-like heroine in the Alpine foothills. Her journal. Time.
The Wall is an adaptation of a 1963 renowned novel by Marlen Haushofer (1920–1970), which stood out for its plain linguistic style and radically grasped allegory, resembling what anthropologist and sociologist Bruno Latour describes as coming back to earth and cataloguing tools and human skills needed for survival. The fascinating journey towards feelings and consciousness of the heroine will be staged in the real biotope of HaDivadlo. A Czech premiere!

Season 46: Adaptation → Season 47: Degrowth

(Czech) Tvůrčí intervence PROGRAMME IN PDF POSTER IN JPG
16 October 2021
Last performance
(Czech) 27. května 2023
Ticket prices
CZK 340/220
90 min. without an interval
Marlen Haushofer
Kamila Polívková
Adapted by
Kamila Polívková
Anna Prstková and Ivan Buraj
Set and light designer
Antonín Šilar
Costume collaboration
Zuzana Formánková
Aid Kid
Sound designer
Aid Kid and Dominik Dolejší
Stage manager
Jan Doležel
Jana Uhýrková
Quoted translation
Kateřina Lepic


Effects in the show

(Czech) mlhostroj
(Czech) střelba
(Czech) oheň v kamnech (pach lihu)
(Czech) blikání světel

(Czech) Informace pro lidi na vozíku

(Czech) Oproti jiným představením je na Zeď možný vjezd vozíku, ale poté je nutné přesazení na místo, vozík naši uvaděči odvezou do zákulisí. Jste-li na vozíku, prosím, informujte naše pokladní při nákupu vstupenky a přijďte do divadla nejpozději 20 min. před začátkem představení.

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