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Season 49: The End of Illusions

The Sleepwalkers (Imitation and Intuition)

“Are we mad because we haven’t gone mad yet?”

Pasenow or romanticism, Esch or anarchy, Huguenau or matter-of-factness. A list of “sleepwalkers” wandering between fanaticism and nihilism, written in the value vacuum of interwar Germany.

The legendary novel by European modernist Hermann Broch creates a uniquely provocative, closed system. A radical concept of art as help instead of art as a passive consumerism of beauty. The contemporary of Musil, Kafka, Joyce and Canetti and the inspiration for Milan Kundera embarks on a discourse on the birth of kitsch as a desire for unambiguity, kitsch as the beginning of contemporary evil. A world threatened by the scenery!

In the radical adaptation by Ivan Buraj, we see on stage the sleepwalkers’ bar named U Brocha (Broch’s Bar), where it is too late for anything and yet it is not over yet. The bar’s regulars constitute a list of times that desperately await a saviour. But how to tell a Christ from an Antichrist? Brno’s ‘alternative’ actors are sitting at the first rehearsal and along comes German director Hans Buch promising art. But all we want is security! Does it exist? Is our time complicated or is it complicated by intellectuals? Do we need crises? See through the eyes of Broch! Get to the crux of the matter. Feel the walls of our reality. See the horizon of the possible. Something’s got to happen!

This production was awarded the Project of the Year by the 2017 Next Wave Festival. It was also nominated for the 2017 Josef Balvín Award and proclaimed ‘success of the month’ by Divadelní noviny.

Season 42: Us and Them

(Czech) Tvůrčí intervence PROGRAMME IN PDF (Czech) Reflexe Jana Němce
11 November 2016
Last performance
7 April 2022
Ticket prices
CZK 320/220
170 min. with an interval
Hermann Broch and Ivan Buraj
Ivan Buraj
Matěj Nytra
Set designers
Jana Boháčková and Lenka Jabůrková
David Matuška
Music selected by
Ivan Buraj
Quoted translation
Rio Preisner
Ľubomír Višňovec


Jáchym / Zbyšek Humpolec

Zbyšek Humpolec (Czech) j.h.

Bertrand / Jiří Svoboda

Jiří Svoboda

Esch / Jan Lepšík

Jan Lepšík (Czech) j.h.

Martin / Miroslav Ukul Kumhala

Miroslav Kumhala

Růžena / Lucie Andělová

Kamila Valůšková

Alžběta / Agáta Kryštůfková

Agáta Kryštůfková (Czech) j.h.

Intellectual / Jiří M. Valůšek

Jiří Miroslav Valůšek

Hentjenová / Marie Ludvíková

Marie Ludvíková /
Mariana Chmelařová

Pasenow / Cyril Drozda

Cyril Drozda

Jaretzky / Simona Peková

Simona Peková

Nurse / Táňa Malíková

Táňa Malíková

Someone in the corner

Mark Kristián Hochman /
(Czech) Martin Tlapák (Czech) j.h.


(Czech) Michal Skočovský Michal Skočovský j. h.

Hans Buch

Ivan Urbánek Ivan Urbánek j. h.


Anna Čonková Dagmar Radová

Effects in the show

fog machine

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