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Progressive Dramaturgy Theatre
Season 49: The End of Illusions

Uncle Vanya


12 September     19.30

“Now is the time to finally understand it all, time to finally be together!!!”

Alain Badiou says that in our world there are only bodies and languages left and we have lost truths.
Our society is crumbling and getting more and more complicated. The more complicated it gets, the more specialists we need who do not understand the society as whole, but only their field of specialisation. Apart from specialisation, we have also got information, millions of information!!! We lack sense. We lack faith in what we do and why we are together. Society and our Self become estranged in the landscape of late individualism.
A group of people gathers in a house in the Russian countryside. Professor Serebryakov has come to the end of his working life and is retiring. He has returned from the city back to the country in the expectation of harmony. Nature is all around. He has been involved in art all his life. And in realism. Vanya has spent his life working for Serebryakov, he has sacrificed himself! Now is the time to finally understand it all, time to finally be together! Everyone would like to see the house as a home, but they are all suffering. And everyone is desperately searching for their own truth in this world of bodies and languages, and even this is losing plausibility. Every kind of certainty is melting away. Everything is cloaked in cynicism – the language of the lost. Is it still possible to understand one’s own life at all? Does it still make sense to sacrifice oneself for another? How to live with one’s own truths with others? How to live on and on and on? How to live at the farthest reach of the meaning of culture?

Season 41: The Society of Individualism - being (with) someone?

8 April 2016
Ticket prices
CZK 420/300
150 min. without an interval
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Ivan Buraj
Leoš Suchařípa
Dagmar Radová and Matěj Nytra
Set designers
Jana Boháčková and Lenka Jabůrková
Music selected and edited by
Pavel V. Boiko
Assistant director
Tereza Agelová


Ivan Vojnickij

Jan Lepšík guest


Cyril Drozda


Lucie Andělová guest


Robert Mikluš guest


Miroslav Kumhala guest

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