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Season 49: The End of Illusions

First Ladies


10 September     19.30
11 September     17.30
Early start

“Right, why shouldn’t a few plump ladies have a bit of fun. Hold on, I’ll go get us some wine.”

The Czech population is ageing. In times of record levels of employment, more and more people are at risk of future unemployment (because of machines). How to make use of the years of rest? Does society even care about the tired and retired? How do actors age? Is it possible to act with vitality?

Greta, Erna and their maid, Marjánka, are retired, at the end of their working lives. Their bodies withered, they are sitting at a table and the only activity they can do freely without difficulty is speaking. The dialogue turns into monologues and compassion is collectively flushed down the toilet. How to have fun? Where do we go from here… if anywhere at all? A picture of a squeezed-out part of society, an examination of the interior of defective domestic democracy. Everyone has a right to tell their own stinking story!

Czech return of the triumphant debut comedy by the hell-raiser Werner Schwab (1958–1994). The ‘colossal liar’ from Graz is back in action.

Season 44: Work

PROGRAMME IN PDF (Czech) Reflexe v CEDITu 01 (Czech) Reflexe v SADu
6 September 2019
Ticket prices
CZK 380/260
90 min. without an interval
Werner Schwab
Kamila Polívková
Josef Balvín
Viktorie Knotková
Set designer
Antonín Šilar
Costume designer
Anna Chrtková
Ivan Acher
Matěj Nytra
Assistant director
Alexandra Bolfová


Effects in the show

fog machine
strobe light

Information for wheelchair users

Two wheelchair user seats are available for this production.

If you are a wheelchair user, please inform our box-office attendant when purchasing your ticket and arrive to the theatre at least 20 min. before the start of the show. Information on your visit will help us arrange ushers’ assistance or equipment for your maximum comfort.

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