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Season 48: Closeness


(Czech) Termíny v přípravě.

“From self-sacrificing stubbornness to stubborn sacrifice.”

This is a classic piece of Czech dramatic literature which always requires a contemporary interpretation. It is a national play that has been interpreted many times. But where does the nation end and the play begin?

Marysha is a typical late 19th century village woman, but, at the same time, she is a timeless general embodiment of defiance. Even so, she is subject to the mechanisms of the society she lives in and also contributes to them, willingly or otherwise. She becomes a victim of her own stubbornness and stubbornly insists on being a victim. She is a heroine against her own will and a murderess by God’s will. Is the obstinacy that controls her hereditary or is it a sign of a strong personality? Is the murder she commits one morning a logical outcome of the circumstances or is it a moral appeal to future generations of audiences and performers? Is it black or is it white?

The production won the 2014 Production of the Year award in the Divadelní noviny survey. Miloš Maršálek and Erika Stárková were nominated for 2014 Alfréd Radok Awards (for best male and female performances).

Season 39: Heroes and monsters

Maryša — trailer PROGRAMME IN PDF
10 January 2014
Ticket prices
CZK 320/220
135 min. with an interval
Alois and Vilém Mrštík
Lukáš Brutovský
Miro Dacho
Costume designer
Zuzana Hudáková


Lízal, farmer

Miloslav Maršálek

Lízalka, his wife

Simona Peková

Maryša, their daughter

(Czech) Sara Venclovská (Czech) j.h.

Vávra, miller

Cyril Drozda

Francek, recruit

(Czech) Jan Grundman j.h.

Strouhalka, Maryša´s aunt

Kamila Valůšková

Strouhal, her husband

Jiří Miroslav Valůšek

Innkeeper, Francek´s guardian

Miroslav Kumhala

Vávra´s son

(Czech) Artur Švanda (Czech) j.h. Šimon Klacl j. h. / Tomáš Gut j. h.

Vávra´s daughter

(Czech) Anna Zichová Denisa Čepická j. h. / Natálie Petlachová j. h. / Rozálie Petlachová j. h.

Effects in the show


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