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Progressive Dramaturgy Theatre
Season 47: Degrowth

Humanism 2022


18 November     19.30
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Two families of former classmates go on holiday together. Venice. 2022. City on water. Living in a stranger’s house. Airbnb. A terrace, a dinner made of local specialties, free conversations and summer bodies. Time of innocence…?

The conversation turns to the upcoming season in a theatre where one of the characters works. Russian culture and the situation in Ukraine. Pigeons taking off. Someone talks about about a project from the work of Russian novelist Josif Brodskij who lived in Venice as a Russian emigrant. But what about now? Can we separate the artist from their art? Towels drying over balustrades. Is beauty a mask? Or is beauty a symbol of truth?

Moral unrest. Listening to the chimes of bells of Santa Maria della Salute. Can we be absolutely honest with each other? In marriage, for instance? Or do we need lies? Faithfulness. Is truth chaotic?

Season 48: Closeness

18 November 2022
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CZK 380/260
Ivan Buraj and Bohdan Karásek
Ivan Buraj
Matěj Nytra and Anna Prstková
Set designer
Antonín Šilar

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