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Season 49: The End of Illusions

Zámek (záře integrace)

„We want certanties, Mr. K. And what certainties can you offer to us? “

An authorial analysis of „new“ totalitarianism of today inspired by Franz Kafka´s last novel – The Castle. The land surveyor K. comes to a village. He is a foreigner. He is looking for HIS job because: „You should find a permanent job before you are thirty, until you are thirty you can change jobs, but not too much. I´ve never found out what I would really like to do. I have simply chosen land surveying. But I don´t want to complain. A real job is probably the one which makes your living. Thanks to which you have where to live, you have a wife, you can go for holiday, you can pay for your survival course about how to survive in extreme conditions.“ Desire for uniqueness changes into a nightmare. It is an explosion of thousands of possible egos. A battle field is expanding: revolution moves from streets into our everyday lives – outside the stage. Where is Klamm…?“

(Czech) 9. září 2014
Last performance
(Czech) 9. prosince 2017
150 min. without an interval
(Czech) Autoři
Franz Kafka / Ivan Buraj / Dagmar Radová
Ivan Buraj
(Czech) Překlad
(Czech) Vladimír Kafka
(Czech) Dramaturgie
(Czech) Dagmar Radová
(Czech) Výprava
(Czech) Jana Boháčková a Lenka Jabůrková
(Czech) Hudba
(Czech) Pavel V. Boiko
(Czech) Kamera
(Czech) Matěj Nytra



Jan Grundman (Czech) j.h.


(Czech) Šárka Býčková j.h.

Olga Amálie

Táňa Malíková


(Czech) Jan Řezníček j.h.

Mici Černý

Miroslav Kumhala

Effects in the show

(Czech) kouření

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