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Season 48: Closeness

The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch


5 April     19.30
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6 April     17.30
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“We’ve closed that chapter. History is done with it, so why on earth go back to it?”

This story is about human destiny broken by history, about the guilt of Czechs and Germans, about whether it is possible to forgive and understand. The play is a dramatisation of the successful novel by contemporary Czech novelist Kateřina Tučková, based on historical events that are inextricably linked to the past of the city of Brno. In particular, it depicts the ‘Brno Death March’ and the fate of one of its victims, Gerta Schnirch, from a German-Czech family.

The production contributes to the discussion on the hitherto insufficiently addressed topic of the expulsion of Czech Germans. The fate of Gerta Schnirch is illustrative of events of the second half the 20th century from the perspective of a person who, due to historical events and political decisions, lost citizenship status of the country of their birth, but stayed and died without being able to forgive.

The production won the 2015 Divadelní noviny Award in the theatre drama category. Sara Venclovská was also nominated for the 2015 Divadelní noviny Award for her performance in the role.

Season 40: Deep wounds and beautiful scars on the well-preserved face of European civilization

Vyhnání Gerty Schnirch — trailer PROGRAMME IN PDF
28 October 2014
Ticket prices
CZK 320/220
170 min. with an interval
Kateřina Tučková / Marián Amsler
Marián Amsler
Marie Špalová
Ivan Acher


Gerta Schnirch

(Czech) Sara Venclovská (Czech) j.h.

Barbora Schnirchová, mother / Theresa Bauer, friend

(Czech) Gabriela Štefanová (Czech) j.h.

Friedrich Schnirch, father / Mr. Novák, spy

Jan Lepšík (Czech) j.h.

Fridríšek, brother / Schmidt, commissioner

Zbyšek Humpolec (Czech) j.h.

Barbora, daughter

Marie Ludvíková /
(Czech) Naďa Kovářová (Czech) j.h. (Czech) j.h.

Karel Němec

(Czech) Jan Grundman (Czech) j.h. /
Jiří Svoboda (Czech) j.h.

Caretaker / Pešek, comrade

Cyril Drozda /
Miloslav Maršálek

Anna Marie Judexová / Ida Zipfelová

Táňa Malíková /
Magdalena Straková

Hermína Herzigová / Janinka Hornová

Kamila Valůšková /
K (Czech) j.h.

Hubert Šenk / Oscar Judex / Rudolf Spacier / Eduard Beneš / Jára

Jiří Miroslav Valůšek

Zipfelová, widow

Simona Peková

Neighbour, Greek

Miroslav Kumhala

Neighbour, Greek

Kateřina Kumhalová

Effects in the show

fog machine

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