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The Expulsion of Gerta Schnirch

Kateřina Tučková / Marián Amsler author

Marián Amsler directed by

“It has been closed, history has processed it, so why return to it again?“

The production received The Prize of the Theatre Journal in 2015 in the category Drama Theatre. The life story is broken by historical events, about the blame between Czechs and Germans, about whether it is possible to forgive and to understand, is the dramatization of a successful novel by the contemporary Czech novelist Kateřina Tučková. It is based on historical events interconnected with the history of Brno. It depicts the so-called “Brno death march” and the fate of one of the participants, Gerta Schnirch, who came from German-Czech family. The production is a contribution to public discussion about the expulsion of Czech Germans since this topic has not been sufficiently covered so far. Gerta Schnirch´s fate presents events of the second half of the 20th century from the point of view of a man who lost his civic status in the country where he was born because of the historical events and political decisions. He had to stay and died without being able to forgive. Warning: actors smoke during the performance


Kateřina Tučková / Marián Amsler

Directed by
Marián Amsler

Marie Špalová

Ivan Acher

Premiere 28th October 2014


Gerta Schnirch

(Czech) Lucie Andělová / (Czech) Sara Venclovská (Czech) j.h.

Barbora Schnirchová, mother / Theresa Bauer, friend

Gabriela Štefanová as guest

Friedrich Schnirch, father / Mr. Novák, spy

Jan Lepšík

Fridríšek, brother / Schmidt, commissioner

Zbyšek Humpolec

Barbora, daughter

Marie Ludvíková

Karel Němec

Jiří Svoboda / (Czech) Jan Grundman (Czech) j.h.

Caretaker / Pešek, comrade

Cyril Drozda

Anna Marie Judexová / Ida Zipfelová

Táňa Malíková

Hermína Herzigová / Janinka Hornová

Kamila Valůšková / Kateřina Jebavá as guest

Hubert Šenk / Oscar Judex / Rudolf Spacier / Eduard Beneš / Jára

Jiří Miroslav Valůšek

Zipfelová, widow

Simona Peková

Neighbour, Greek

Miroslav Kumhala

Neighbour, Greek

Kateřina Kumhalová