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Season 49: The End of Illusions

Stavitel Solness

“Never promise anything to little girls, because when they grow up they will want you to fulfill your promise.”

A strongly personal play by Henrik Ibsen about the fear of generation change and about the loss of a hard-one position at the height of one´s career. The famous builder Solness enjoys a unique position. He got rid of all the competition and for several years he enjoyed a sunny side of his building career. But he has grown old and a new younger generation is knocking on the door. A nightmare. Horror. Or even, God forbid, burn-out! However, suddenly Solness´ fan Hilda appears and she wants him to build a kingdom for her, which he promised when she was a little child. This may be what the builder subconsciously called for and what he feared at the same time! Maybe this is the time when he can throw away all his obligations, wife and plans and start again! Yeah, right from the beginning! However, is the builder able to climb the tower which he built for himself?

(Czech) 9. května 2015
Last performance
25. únor 2017
160 min. with an interval
Henrik Ibsen
Jan Frič
(Czech) Překlad
(Czech) František Fröhlich
(Czech) Dramaturgie
(Czech) Lucie Ferenzová
(Czech) Scéna
(Czech) Nikola Tempír
(Czech) Kostýmy
(Czech) Jana Hauskrechtová
(Czech) Asistence
(Czech) Jakub Liška


Halvard Solness, a builder

Jan Lepšík

Aline Solness, his wife

Renáta Klemensová j. h.

Doctor Herdal, physician

Miloslav Maršálek

Knut Brovik, formerly an architect, now in Solness´s employment

Cyril Drozda

Ragnar Brovik, his son, draughtsman

Jiří Svoboda

Hilda Wangelová

Sara Venclovská Sara Venclovská j. h.

Kaja Fosliová

Táňa Malíková


Denisa Čepická j. h.


Rozálie Petlachová j.h.

Effects in the show

(Czech) mlhostroj
(Czech) otevřený oheň
(Czech) kouření
(Czech) barvy

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