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Progressive Dramaturgy Theatre
Season 49: The End of Illusions

Queer Runner (Labyrinth of Sensitivity / Paradise of Reason)


1 March     19.30
First performance

The central character of the play Alan admires the works and life of British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and father of modern IT and computer sciences Alan Turing. In WW2, Turing worked on decoding German codes and designed and developed an electromechanical, cryptanalytical machine that accelerated message decryption multiple times. He was accused and tried for homosexuality in 1952. To avoid prison sentence, he agreed to "chemical castration". But Queer Runner is not a documentary play about his life. In a liquid and imaginative world on the verge of an initiation story, utopia and dystopia, laboratory, illusionist's arena, and wild bodily party, blurred characters are confronted with famous allegories, reality and visions of possible futures. The play is an authorial theatre debut of versatile filmmaker and poet JQr.

1 March 2024
Milo Juráni
Stage and costume design
Jan Matýsek
Natálie Pleváková
Costume collaboration
Jan Matýsek
Movement collaboration
Aleš Hrdlička

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