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Madame Bovary

Gustav Flaubert / Ivan Buraj author

Ivan Buraj directed by

“I have my project. The project of myself. I am looking for myself.”

Since 2010 for the first time in the history of mankind more people live in towns than in villages, babe! Live your dream! Emma lives in a village. Charles Bovary, a young doctor is watching her. Emma became Madame Bovary. Does she belong to him? Does she belong to the village? Monogamy? I can´t stand watching it! Start singing at least! Emma needs the world, not manure. She must escape, she must keep escaping all the time. She needs a town! Art! Cafés! DJ´s! Partieees! Paris! Paradise, babe! More reality, more life! First Rodolphe appears. (Is it fate?) Then Leon. (Is it fate?) The Virgin Mary, is it fate? Emma can finally become herself. Real! But reality costs money. And money belongs to somebody. Who does Emma belong to? Who does her desire belong to? Who does her reality belong to? An authorial scenic experiment about craving for one´s own exceptionality, for the fight with one´s own image and for the relationship between craving and power.


Author Gustav Flaubert / Ivan Buraj Directed by Ivan Buraj Dramaturgy Dagmar Radová Stage set Jana Boháčková / Lenka Jabůrková Music Pavel V. Boiko Premiere 7th November 2015


Emma Bovary

Táňa Malíková

Charles Bovary

Jiří Miroslav Valůšek


Cyril Drozda


Marie Ludvíková


Jan Lepšík

Rodolphe´s wife

Simona Peková


Jiří Svoboda

employee of a non-bank company

Zbyšek Humpolec

Company´s representative

Miloslav Maršálek


Miroslav Kumhala


Vojtěch Hříbek j. h.

Beauty girl

(Czech) Magdalena Straková Diana Velčická j. h.

Party boy

(Czech) Mark Kristián Hochman Martin Hudec

Electric guitar/removal man

David Fadinger

Drums/removal man

Karel Hanák

Acoustic guitar/removal man

Michal Matoušek

Removal man

Tomáš Komínek / Adam Krutiš / Roman Švanda

Village woman

Kateřina Nalezená

Pig breeder/critic´s wife

Kateřina Kumhalová Kateřina Kumhalová