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Season 48: Closeness

Until the War Is Over / До кінця війни


12 December     19.30
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13 December     19.30
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14 December     19.30
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In the morning, I work on my research, cook lunch for my daughter, in the afternoon we are going to play volleyball with classmates from the Czech course. Will we make it for tonight’s call with grandma in occupied Mariupol? A night full of unrest and desire to wake up to peace…

What is the day-to-day reality of people coming here from Ukraine? Is it possible to find a future in a foreign country, here, in rediscovered safety, but in an uncertain stopgap situation? Is it possible to integrate and put down new roots – or should we keep waiting for a chance to go back?

A documentary play directed by Max Nowotorski, a student of drama direction at the Theatre Faculty of JAMU of Ukrainian origin. The play was co-authored and cast with his fellow countrymen who came to Brno and its surroundings in spring during the war. Experts on everydayness in a foreign country, far from their home that is now a battle-zone.

Season 48: Closeness

12 December 2022
Ticket prices
CZK 320/220
Max Nowotarski
Matěj Nytra and collective
(Czech) Scéna
(Czech) Alina Bodra
(Czech) Hudba
(Czech) Jasja Sajenko


Tři jedinečná uvedení
12., 13. a 14. prosince 2022


(Czech) Artem Afanasjev

(Czech) Valerija Bojčenko

(Czech) Illja Borzenko

(Czech) Anna Koreneva

(Czech) Julianna Papp

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