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Season 49: The End of Illusions

Moby Dick

“How to find order in chaos?”

An audio-visual spectrum of motifs of sailing, hunting, hulls, death, and the industrial era. Melville, Diviš, Boudník. Decomposition!

‘In the early hours of February 9th, I had a dream: a colleague from the Academy, the nicest person I know, arranged for me to be admitted to the strictest psychiatric ward imaginable, promptly and without delay. John reappeared in the dream once more and brought a leather bag with my last hypnotics in it. Were you born? What did you do?’

Moby Dick. A ship called humanity. Where is it sailing to? Breakfast, mast, first dinner. The hierarchy of the crew conquering nature. The deck. How to maintain morale? A blacksmith. The ship’s instruments. Cetology. Fish on a line and fish swimming freely. Is the object of pursuit still there?

‘The ship’s navigator remained alive the longest.’ The perseverance of the one buffeted by waves. A Man-God in struggle against nature! Ahab! Bring on death! A staged essay on darkness.

Season 45: Resources

(Czech) Infinite Moby Dick Radio PROGRAMME IN PDF POSTER IN JPG
7 September 2021
Last performance
17 May 2022
Ticket prices
CZK 320/220
90 min. without an interval
Herman Melville, Rastislav Ballek, Matěj Nytra and Jan Kačena
Rastislav Ballek
Matěj Nytra
Set designer
Matěj Sýkora
Costume designer
Radka Vyplašilová
Music, Sound design
Matúš Kobolka
Martin Bitala
Quoted translation
Marie Kornelová, Stanislav Václav Klíma and Emanuel Vajtauer


Effects in the show

fog machine
blinking lights

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