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Season 47: Degrowth

Indian in Danger


28. January    19.30
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29. January    19.30
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1. February    17.30
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28. February    19.30
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„The true Cherokee is said to believe that wherever he stands, he is always the centre of the universe. It is hard to believe on the train.“

Today this is a classic authorial production by Jiří Havelka and HaDivadlo. It is inspired by Einstein´s theory of relativity and the “thought bang” provoked by this theory.  The playful scenic experiment wittily demonstrates what Einstein´s discovery in practice means for the space and time in which we live and thus what it means for us.

During a lecture, the theory seems to be clear. However, in everyday reality when everything moves and everything which moves influences all other movements, the whole thing becomes more complicated...

A never-ending race with time starts right now! NOW! Lovers miss their train. Bikes are stolen. Snacks and suitcases are stolen. Isn´t the train late? Running away. The robbed catches the thief. Or wait a minute – is it that the thief catches the robbed? And actually, where is the train going? To Zurich? And what if it is not going anywhere? What if Zurich comes to the train? And won´t Zurich be delayed?

(Czech) Tvůrčí intervence    PROGRAMME PDF
(Czech) 9. ledna 2008
Ticket prices
270/170 Kč
80 min. without an interval
(Czech) Autoři
Jiří Havelka and HaDivadlo ensemble
Jiří Havelka
(Czech) Scéna
(Czech) Dáda Němeček
(Czech) Kostýmy
(Czech) Jana Smetanová
(Czech) Hudba
(Czech) Dominik Renč


Effects in the show

(Czech) mlhostroj
(Czech) kouření

(Czech) Děkujeme za podporu a spolupráci