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Progressive Dramaturgy Theatre
Season 49: The End of Illusions

Ice Pøz

(Czech) „Prokliknout. Otevřít. Chvíli to zkoušet.“

Placement, space, squeeze, escape. Reality among dreams, possibility and mass. The mind wwwirtually migrates, searches; the borders of freedom are (not) growing thinner. Icy com.tact resists separation. No Input Signal. Log(os) out... Wirtual monologue fighting with physical gravity: the process of disarmament, materialization. We lose firm ground in the network of duplicated reality, however, emotions, mistakes and nostalgia cannot be masked in reality (real life). Google Street View as a bandage (remedy) for post-Erasmus nostalgia? Thorns in leather deleted in picture filters? Where to find an „escape“ out – back to the point zero, to uniqueness? An authorial essay in space about the phenomenon of migration and virtuality.

(Czech) 19. února 2016
Last performance
(Czech) 25. října 2017
60 min. without an interval
(Czech) Autoři
Matěj Nytra & kolektiv
Marika Smreková
(Czech) Dramaturgie
(Czech) Matěj Nytra
(Czech) Výprava
(Czech) Jana Tkáčová


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