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Season 49: The End of Illusions

At the Hitlers’ or the Stories from the Hitlers’ Kitchen

Dates to be announced.

“It could be that a momentous history began at the station in the city of Brünn...”

Arnošt Goldflam, director, playwright and long-time member of HaDivadlo, is once again back among his own people! Goldflam’s sarcastic comedy depicts the greatest criminal the world has known, beginning with his rise from failure in his exams at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and culminating not with his downfall, but with an ironic imaginary escape to South America. Contrary to expectations, the individual scenes from the life of the Führer do not take place in meeting rooms or crowded halls, but in private. The scenes from ‘Hitler’s Kitchen’ are full of grotesque and liberating humour, exaggeration and imaginative situations, which playfully combine fragments of reality with the author’s ironic imagination. It has become a legendary HaDivadlo production, in which the unmistakable Petr Jeništa excels in the leading role.

10 November 2007
Ticket prices
CZK 460/340
80 min. without an interval
Arnošt Goldflam
HaDivadlo collective
Luboš Balák
Set designers
Marián Amsler and Luboš Balák
Costume designer
Kateřina Kumhalová
Music selected by
Karel Hanák Fláva
Artistic collaboration
Miroslav Kumhala


Adolf Hitler

Petr Jeništa j.h.

Magda Goebbels

Simona Peková

Joseph Goebbels

Jiří Miroslav Valůšek /
Jan Lepšík (Czech) j.h.

J. V. Stalin / Hermann Göring

Jáchym Sůra /
Zbyšek Humpolec j.h.

Heinrich Himmler, SS service

Radim Chyba /
Jiří Svoboda (Czech) j.h.

Johanka, secretary

Kamila Valůšková

Georg Tabori / Helmut Goebbels

Hubert Švanda j.h.

Effects in the show

fog machine
open fire

Information for wheelchair users

Two wheelchair user seats are available for the production.

If you are a wheelchair user, please inform our box-office attendant when purchasing your ticket and arrive to the theatre at least 20 min. before the start of the show. Information on your visit will help us arrange ushers’ assistance or equipment for your maximum comfort.

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