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Season 49: The End of Illusions


(Czech) Je vůbec možné lhát, když má každý svou pravdu?

Truth is a confusing and overused term. “Everybody has their own truth” people say. And also: “Media and politicians lie to us, they do not tell the truth.” Is it possible to lie at all, if everybody has their own truth? To what extent is the truth an empty term floating between discourses and ideologies which fill it with their specific content? What can assure us that we stand on solid ground and that we can still speak about attaining the knowledge of anything? Maybe the most serious unveiling of the essence of truth is a reckless message that an event is not true. However, it is important that it could be true – the message in which the speaker gives up the truth as a question of facts and agrees with the truth as an issue of values. Thus science is penetrated by  politics and power by knowledge – clearly divided spaces of social life collapse into each other. Today a lot can be said and a charming clause “And this is truth!” has the volatile effect of the speaker´s and audience´s confirmation and it in itself does not make our statements any more “truthful”. Is it necessary to invent something better than truth? Or did we only forget the origin of truth which must be uncovered again and rehabilitated?

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(Czech) Datum uvedení:
(Czech) 12. února 2016

Debating are: Anna Pospěch Durnová, sociologist and Jiří Růžička, philosopher

Host: Gaby Khazalová, sociologist

12th February 2016

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